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Summer Prospect Camp: Cancelled (Next Prospect Camp will be held in September 2021)
Summer Camp: July 19th, 20th, 21st, 2021 (No overnight option) 
Location:  University of Tampa, 401 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606
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SUMMER Prospect Camp Schedule (CANCELLED)

TIME Monday - July 5th Tuseday - July 6th Wednesday - July 7th
9:00AM Dynamic Warm-Up Dynamic Warm-Up
9:30AM Performance Training Performance Training
10:30AM Offense/Defense Offense/Defense
12:00PM Arrive/Check-In Lunch / Tours Lunch / Tours
1:00PM Dynamic Warm-Up M-Drill
1:30PM Performance Training 4 v 4 Scrimmage
2:00PM 6 v 6
2:30PM Stick Skills - Box Pro
3:00PM Z-Passing Scrimmage Scrimmage
3:30PM Shooting
4:00PM Defense Footwork Scrimmage END OF CAMP

Prospect Camp Learning Objectives

For players that attend a WhipLax Prospect Camp, they can expect to achieve the following:

  1. Receive exposure to the University of Tampa coaching staff on and off the field;
  2. Have an opportunity to demonstrate fundamental and advanced skill level in a practice setting and a competitive environment;
  3. Receive training on lacrosse skills specific to the sport and related to the style and systems of the Tampa lacrosse program;
  4. Acquire information about the University of Tampa, its' academic programs, its' campus and student community;
  5. Insight into the generic college recruitment process and specifically related to the University of Tampa;
  6. Experience the Greater Tampa Bay Area and its' surrounding social environment; and
  7. Observe the University of Tampa's Men's lacrosse program compete in an intensive intra-squad competition.

All concepts, principles, and techniques are taught in a progressive manner that incrementally integrates skill with knowledge and establishes a baseline understanding and competency. The standard teaching progression includes:

  • Introduction to specific skill set
  • ½ Speed to Full Speed build-up
  • Practice in uneven and even numbers scenarios
  • Participation in scripted and live competition

Prospect Camp Curriculum

Offensive Principles

Developing Offensive IQ                       

  • The value, intricacies and techniques of proper passing (catching);
  • All aspects of outside and inside shooting; 
  • The various dodging techniques in static and motion offensive sets and systems;
  • The concepts and principles of dynamic 2-Man Game play;
  • The benefits, conditions, and opportunities in various offensive sets.

Drills (Examples)

  • 1v1’s from different angles
  • Numbers advantages (3v2, 4v3, 5v4, 6v5)
  • Shooting from different angles and various movements
  • Scramble scrimmage; Army scrimmage

Defensive Principles

Developing Defensive IQ                       

  • The importance of proper footwork in defending the offensive player;
  • Principles and methods of approaching ball carriers in all settings and sets;
  • The value of team-based coverage in defending various sets and schemes;
  • Critical stick handling skills required for exceptional defensive play;
  • The importance of communication in leveraging defensive responsiveness against aggressive offensive schemes.

Drills (Examples)

  • 1v1’s approach/breakdown from different angles
  • Negative numbers (3v2, 4v3, 5v4, 6v5)
  • Variable Rotations in different sets
  • Scramble scrimmage; Army scrimmage

Transition Concepts

Developing Transition IQ                       

  • The importance of speed in the transition game;
  • How to leverage passing in the D-to-O transition phase;
  • The value in increasing the ratio of transition to settled offense over the course of a game;
  • Creating numbers advantage through faster transition play;
  • How to modify substitution patterns to create transition advantage.

Drills (Examples)

  • Full-field head-man
  • Attack & Go
  • Scramble scrimmage; Army scrimmage

Recruiting Issues

  • The basic elements of college recruitment;
  • Understanding the recruitment process;
  • Targeting the right program for maximum bilateral fit;
  • Exploring the details of the UT recruitment and admissions process;
  • How to prepare to play college lacrosse and achieve academic success.

UT Men's Lacrosse

  • Meet the coaching staff;
  • The program requirements to play at the University of Tampa;
  • Understanding the basic philosophies and systems of the UT Men's team;

University of Tampa

  • The campus and its community;
  • The importance of academics at UT;
  • The major, concentration, classes and discipline of studying for academic and athletic success;
  • The beauty of Tampa and the surrounding scene.